Eyeshadow looks

I got my Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette from Shopee a few weeks ago. Prior to getting that, I was scared because I’m not really an eyeshadow kinda gal and I was afraid I’d end up with a smudgy mess.

However, once I actually got my hands on the palette, I was excited, to say the least! I couldn’t wait to mix and match the shades and figure out what I liked, or didn’t like, in an eye look. Before this, I was a very shimmery-neutrals kind of eyeshadow girl. Now I enjoy figuring out what looks best for my eyes.

Sorry if the looks aren’t as polished as the other ones you can see on Instagram – I’m not a makeup artist, I’m just a newbie experimenting with eyeshadows for the first time.

The very first look I created with my Zoeva Cocoa Blend
A warm red eyeshadow look
Wore a deeper eyeshadow look once I gained a bit more confidence

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