My YouTube queens

When I’m not scrolling through blogs, I spend my time watching YouTube beauty vloggers. Heads-up, though, I’m not a fan of the bigger YouTubers like NikkieTutorials or Jeffree Star. Instead, have a look at my favorites!

Stephanie Nicole

Not sure if I’ve mentioned her before, but if I have, I don’t care because I’d be glad to help her get more traffic! Her reviews are bullshit-free and sponsor-free, making her one of the more reliable sources in my opinion. This girl really knows her stuff in makeup and skincare, seeing as she works in the beauty industry full-time.

Since she works a full-time job, she doesn’t have much time for her channel, but that’s okay – every video is worth watching and worth waiting for.

My mom finds her nasal voice annoying, lol, but rewatching her videos is one of the things I do before I go off to sleep.


A new discovery, Emily is a mom-slash-vlogger whose drugstore makeup reviews really help me in weeding out gems from duds. Don’t get me wrong, she also reviews mid-range makeup such as Too Faced and TheBalm.

I find that she has a realness to her that I like. I can’t explain it – it’s just that she feels so genuine and I honestly feel her love for makeup shining through the screen whenever I hear her lovely voice.


Jackie Aina

MAH GIRL! Jackie Aina, or Jackie O, is funny as hell. I love watching her videos – they’re very informative and entertaining.

I especially like her vid on worst brands for women of color – as an NC40 WOC, I find that there are a lot of brands that just don’t cater to more morena (darker-skinned) Filipinos, ya know?


If you have some recommendations for me, please let me know in the comments!

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