(let’s hope i don’t jinx things)

A love letter.

The things you say make me fall. Oh, how sweet, how tender, your words are. You say them with such earnestness, it’s hard for me not to believe. You seem so honest that I’m scared – scared that I might believe, and get hurt, again. But I can’t help it; no matter how verbose you are, I still listen and take in every single word.

The things you do make me fall. I know it couldn’t be easy for you, traveling East for over two hours just to spend some time with me. But you do it anyway. You shower me with kisses and cuddles. You spoil me with your touch, and you unspool me with your gaze.

So it wasn’t exactly difficult for me to say yes when you asked me to be your girlfriend.

I’ve been hurt so many times before. I’ve been cheated on, lied to, and beat up. And I’ve been so afraid to let someone in, so afraid to trust. With you, though, it comes so easily. And no matter how scared and scarred I am, I’m willing to try falling again.

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6 thoughts on “(let’s hope i don’t jinx things)

  1. I’m sure you two will be happy. Just keep it up, girl.

    He won’t keep you waiting


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