Pressure at work

As you may know, I am currently working as a Senior Technical Recruiter for a staffing firm. Recruitment is a very results-oriented industry, with the number of hires and gross margin profits being the two most important factors in deciding your success.

I’ve been successful before in my last job, and I have shown competency in my current position. However, it’s the start of the year, which means our gross margin profits go back down to zero. That means I need to start from scratch and get some hires if I want to meet my gross margin goal.

Thing is, I haven’t had a hire for this month. I had an offer that was declined by the candidate. And it’s really starting to stress me out because I like to think of myself as a performer, and who doesn’t want to get recognized for their hard work? Scratch that – who doesn’t want their hard work to be rewarded?

I know the hires will come eventually, especially since I’ve been talking my tongue out calling candidates on the phone. Still, it’s hard not to get discouraged sometimes.


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