Therapy Takeaways

After my last therapy session, I’ve been feeling tremendously better. My psychologist says I just needed some re-validation since my view of the world has become askew again.

  • My Makati problem may not have been solved, but at least I made an effort to try.
  • Forgiveness is one of my strengths. It is a milestone for me to try to forgive people who are toxic to me.
  • The trials I undergo make me appreciate the people in my life even more, because they support me through it all.

My new assignment? To try to find meaning in life. My therapist recognizes how hard this is for me, and she does not expect me to accomplish it in one go. But she also says that the tiniest things can be considered as well, so I’m taking the time to really appreciate my life whenever I feel blue. For instance, I’ve been really bright and cheery at work lately, which I like because I feel like I’m spreading sunshine. I’ve been trying to write more, here on the blog or in my journal, because it helps me¬†practice mindfulness of my feelings. I’ve been listening to happy songs and dancing more.

I realize that I’ve been dealt a shitty hand with my depression, but I also recognize the strength that it has given me to rise above it all. So I’m taking baby steps towards wellness.


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