Current Queens

I’ve been watching a helluva lot of YouTube lately and these are the channels I’m addicted to. These are my Current Queens, AKA People Who Give Me Life.

Bobbi Brown

Of course! She is my OG Queen and I have been loving her since forever. I love how her beauty philosophy is, “Every woman is beautiful, but with the right makeup, she can be pretty powerful.” I love watching her work and seeing the natural beauty of the models shine through. Her makeup looks are¬†wearable for everyday and¬†just bring out your best features.


Wayne Goss

Another MUA whose beauty philosophy is the au naturel. I’m seeing a trend here. Wayne’s channel is funny and informative all at once. Most of the time, we agree on what trends are actually not worth following (Instagram brows, anyone?). His techniques are solid and I love learning from him.



I know, I’m quite late to the party on this. I only just discovered her videos and now, I’m addicted. Like seriously, I use up nearly all my mobile data just watching her vids. Her makeup stash is to die for, her looks are doable and again, perfect for daily wear, and her accent is adorable! Even the way she says “DAS ESSPENSIVE” is cute. I love her so much and I am so happy that she is collaborating with a lot of different makeup brands! I want her collab highlighters with Makeup Geek SO BADLY.


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