An update on the blog

…and where it’s going, in general.

I have never envisioned myself as a niche blogger – that’s to say, I never wanted to pigeonhole my blog into just makeup or just personal entries. I’m a pretty well-rounded person and I enjoy a lot of things, things that I talk about in my blog. So when I see articles that say, “Find your niche and stick to it”, I get unreasonably annoyed. IT IS MY BLOG. I WILL DO AS I PLEASE. *insert angry emoji*

Wow, I went off for a second there. Anyway, the entire point of this post isn’t to bash bloggers who give the same advice. I just wanted to let y’all know that instead of Makeup Mondays, I’ll be posting makeup shit on Thursdays as well. Since there are soooo many products I haven’t reviewed yet, posting them twice a week sounds fair.

And I haven’t gotten around to my 642 Posts nor my A-Z Posts challenges, either! I simply don’t have the time twiddling my thumbs, thinking, “What’s a good entry that starts with the letter ‘e’?” Not that I’m lacking inspiration; it’s that I have so many things I want to talk about, I don’t need a prompt just yet.


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