REVIEW: L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit in 01 Medium To Dark

When I was talking with my colleague about makeup, she mentioned that brow gels are her absolute fave because they stick around for much longer than other formulas. Since the girl’s a budding MUA, I believed her and shopped around for a brow gel + powder kit. I already tried elf’s one, but I wanted to try something else, so I picked this up.


L’Oreal keeps it sleek and classy with this silver compact. It’s got a small mirror perfect for brow retouches. It also comes with a dual-ended brush and spoolie. My only gripe is that the didn’t include a powder applicator – dafuq am I supposed to use? I had to buy a separate brush to apply the powder. Minus points for that.




It’s a thick gel that is not too pigmented. This may be an issue for some, but I love it because I can get so heavy-handed! Less pigmentation means buildable color, and it’s not a con for me in any way. Those, however, who like their brow gels strong should stay away from this one.

The powder is quite pigmented, though, and is perfect for setting eyebrows into that natural look.



It does last for the whole day, given that you don’t rub it off. It gives me those natural-looking groomed brows that I so love!



Would repurchase!


Price: Approximately Php500


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