B is for Blogging

I have been blogging for the longest time – since way back in high school, I enjoyed putting my thoughts to paper and sharing them on the Interwebs (anyone remember Multiply?). Now I’m 3 years out of college and I’m still at it!

I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress, changed my URL several times, and created/deleted more blogs than I can remember.

This is one of the few things that brings me true joy. This is my release for when things get bad, and this is where I commemorate the positivity in my life as well. When I’m blogging, I don’t feel any pressure right now – hahaha*! It’s just me and my laptop against the world. And when I hit Publish, I feel a sense of great satisfaction, like I’ve accomplished something. Like I was productive for once.

Also, here’s where I make sure my writing chops are still up to par. Wouldn’t wanna get all rusty at the one thing I’m pretty sure I’m above-average at.

So I’m pretty sure I won’t be stopping anytime soon. Yeah, thank me now, dear readers. You’re in for more. ❤


*Get it? Get it???


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