Why I hate Mondays

It’s a fact that no one really likes Mondays. But I especially hate it not because it signals the start of another week (although that certainly does not help).

No, I hate it because it fucks up my sleep cycle.

See, I work the night shift, so most days I sleep mornings to evenings. When the weekend comes, I maximize it by spending time with my dayshift friends and family, so my sleep cycle returns to normal (sleeping at night). Now, while sleeping at night is utterly refreshing, I still find it hard to return to my usual night shift pattern on Mondays.

That’s why during Monday shifts, I can hardly keep my eyes open without a dose of caffeine and nicotine. I am like a low-functioning zombie.

Bear in mind that I’ve been doing this for around 2 years yet I still haven’t adjusted well. This sucks.


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