REVIEW: K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Liner in Mocha Brown

I love doing my brows. It’s one of my non-negotiable aspects when I’m doing my face, unless I’m really pressed for time. Anyway, here’s the review.



Again, I have to say I hate the typography K-Palette uses. I mean, come on, shell out for some cute designs!

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The pen itself is made of plastic, very lightweight and easy to grip.


On one end is the liner. I like this better than a pencil because the formula is not opaque enough to draw obvious lines, but not too translucent that it’s useless. It’s really awesome for that natural brow look I super love.

On the other end is the powder in a twist-off cap. It’s great for smoothing out the brows and taming stray hairs.


It held up to several hours of me drenched in sweat and rain, as long as I didn’t try to rub it off. It comes off easily with baby oil or makeup remover, though.

Versus my current brow product, Revlon Brow Fantasy

Brow Fantasy was expensive at Php 575 for a tiny amount of product. Seriously, the pencil’s about to run out and I only just bought it last month.

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The staying power of K-Palette is better, too. However, Revlon’s is more pigmented and thus better for those with sparse brows who really need to cake on the product. K-Palette I feel gives better control since the liner is more translucent; thus, it’s hard to go overboard.


Super good impulse buy! Relative more affordable than other brands, too.


Price: Php 895 at the Beauty Bar in Gateway


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