Dear Phoebe


Dear Phoebe,

Remember how I picked you out from the litter? I saw one of your siblings who was so energetic. Another one was too shy. You, however, were just right — playful enough but not rowdy. 

I brought you home and decided to sleep on the floor to keep you company. You were scared in your new environment and I wanted you to feel at home. You kept me up all night, stepping all over me in your anxiety, but I didn’t mind. 

Despite their apprehension that you were just another mouth to feed, everyone at home fell in love with you immediately. Your lovely white fur and gigantic eyes entranced us all. We loved passing you around and holding your tiny puppy paws. 

Now, every time I come home, I miss you coming out to greet me, your big eyes full of love. I miss seeing your white fur gleam under the sun.

Phoebe passed away on November 22, 2015. It’s been several months before I wrote this because it’s only now that I have the strength to put my memories on paper.


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