My ability to love

Your ability to love people is one of a kind. Never lose that kind of heart. – Kat, one of my best friends

When I love – romantically, platonically, doesn’t matter – I give 100%. Attention, time, advice, a listening ear… I like to think that’s what draw people to me. And I hear the same feedback from a lot of my friends so I’m pretty sure that’s true.

The thing is, I’ve developed a sort of tunnel vision that only allows me to see me at my worst. I’ve forgotten how to look at myself in a good light, the kind of light where I am someone worthy of love, especially someone worthy of self-love. And I’ve forgotten how many people love me, and depend on me.

My heart may have been shattered, but it is not beyond repair, and it is still capable of love. And if I can love others unconditionally, then what’s stopping me from doing the same to myself?


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