Start-of-school haul

Who doesn’t love getting new stuff at the beginning of each school year?
It used to be more fun when I was a kid: I got a brand new set of everything, from watercolor sets to nine notebooks in different colors of the rainbow. Now I’m in college, it doesn’t seem appropriate to bring a magnetic racecar-shaped pencil case to school, so I make do with buying sensible bags and shoes. BOO!

Instagram because toolazytogetthepointandshoot:

Wallet from Michaela. P325 after a 50% discount.
I have a pretty wallet and I have no money to put in it.

Bag from Secosana. Around P750.

Flats from Zanea. P700.
I used to wear heels to school, but then I realized how I had to run after buses.

As for notebooks… I still have an old one with more than half of its pages blank. Reusing notebooks = environmentally-friendly! Also, I’m too lazy to buy a new one.

How about your start-of-school haul? 🙂


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